Spec Ops M.O.U.T. Rig Compact for M-16 / AR-15 (ACU)

The M.O.U.T. Rig from SPEC.-OPS. Brand. This compact, specially designed chest rig allows the shooter immediate and unobstructed access to magazines and sits high on the chest making reloads in vehicles easier. Lets you get more shots on target faster! The M.O.U.T. Rig is lightweight and comfortable. Designed to be worn over body armor the M.O.U.T. Rig has narrower, fully adjustable straps that eliminates bulky pouch flaps and unnecessary hardware reducing overall weight without compromising durability. Count on secure magazine carry due to its set of SPEC.-OPS. Brand ""Dura-Lastic"" compression and quick release top straps. Dura-Lastic is Spec-Ops proprietary blend of Cordura fiber and Natural Rubber resulting in the most durable elastic ever. Outlasts even the toughest Bungee cord! Features: Super-Fast magazine deployment via its open-ended pouch design. Compact size, yet carries 8 fully loaded M-16 / AR-15, 30 round magazines. Extra gear storage via the front mounted ""Dura-Lastic"" compression straps; perfect for lights, glow-sticks, pens, etc. Also allows for the attachment of M.O.L.L.E. / PALS / X-System pouches to these loops. Mil-Spec. grommet drain holes. Easy on, (more...)

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Spec Ops M.O.U.T. Rig Compact for M-16 / AR-15 (ACU) Review

I own some additional, but Spec Ops M.O.U.T. Rig Compact for M-16 / AR-15 (ACU) is my most favourite.

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