Silver Mesh Jumbo Pencil Cup

One of the discoveries of communal living; your school and study supplies will walk away.  Nothing sinister; they're just close at hand and easy to lose track of.  Not anymore though; because you were the smart one and brought your Jumbo Silver Mesh Pencil Cup.  Don't let the name fool you; this 5" wide-mouth school supply sentry will hold dozens of pens; pencils; highlighters; scissors or anything else you want to keep within reach.  These are also effective for gathering change and even protecting drinks while you study.  See that?  In college; every item pulls double-duty.  So put this tough tumbler to work asap!  * Lightweight yet durable steel mesh * Silver-toned finish * Repels dust and dirt * 6.5" high; 5" diameter

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Silver Mesh Jumbo Pencil Cup Review

If you dont have money to waste, it is the best choice to buy this one OCM Silver Mesh Jumbo Pencil Cup. I recommend to buy two of them for sure.

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